Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy 12/24?

A Christian friend of mine lamented today that it's now politically incorrect to wish someone 'Merry Christmas.' Now, it's not that it's politically incorrect, but it is true that many Christians assume everyone is Christian. I've heard so many Christians wish someone a Merry Christmas, have the person say, well thank you, actually I'm Jewish... so many times, I've heard the Christian say, "Oh," or "Well, Merry Christmas anyway," and less often, "Oh, well, Happy Hanukkah to you." As a higher and higher percentage of this country becomes non-Christian, they'll just have to get used to not being the majority. Diversity is a good thing.

Do we all have to be cognizant of every holiday that every celebrates? Heck no. But is there really anything at all wrong with the all-inclusive and welcoming 'Happy Holidays?' To those Christians out there, let me wish you a healthy, hearty, happy Get Over It.

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