Monday, December 20, 2004

Make Something

I have found the greatest form of relaxation and the best place to find a small piece of tranquility is... to make something. It doesn't have to be something that lasts or even a piece of meaningful art. When I'm feeling stressed out or feeling like there isn't enough time in the day to get done all I want to get done, the best way to relax is to write, draw, bake. One Tuesday night, I was feeling strung out by the work week already, so I went home and made brownies. By the time I put them in the oven, I was feeling calmer. Last night I was hanging out with a friend who was silk-screening t-shirt designs. Instead of going out or drinking or traipsing around in the cold, we sat inside while he traced designs. And of course for me, just sitting in front of a blank piece of paper or computer screen makes me forget other things and try to fill empty lines with words. Even if I only write one paragraph, I can feel better. Even if the writing sucks. Feeling stressed? Move your brain.

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