Thursday, December 09, 2004


OK, so I named this gratuitous journal of self-import 'fagblog,' and yet, I haven't really talked about much of anything particularly faggy. Aliens, iPods, and annoying bosses, but no hot man on man action. No wonder no one has read it yet. You gotta get juicy, you gotta be cutting edge, you gotta be salacious and scandalous.

So these two police officers were fucking a drunk caterer in a dark alleyway, and... what's the matter, you don't like uniform fetishes?

All right, all right. We can be politigay. Way to go Canada! Yay! Canadian courts open the door to legislating gay marriage rights! Anybody want to buy a house in New Jersey? I'm moving.

Nah, that's boring, too. Let's talk about sex again.

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