Friday, December 10, 2004

Relationship Fringe Benefits

In college one of my friend's worked part time for Continental Airlines. Often one of our group would call his home and ask his mom, "Hey is Marcus home?" And her answer one time was, "No he went to Chicago for lunch." I knew this couple once; the one guy was a flight attendant; his boyfriend worked for Marriott. They took the most amazing vacations almost completely free (fly for free; stay for free).

It got me to thinking. What kind of guy is the best to date? Relationships can come with some very serious fringe benefits. Airlines, hotels, heck, there are so many others. Every now and then I can sometimes finagle tickets to a premiere and certainly free books, but for the most part, not very exciting. So I've started a list of jobs that are the best to date:

Massage Therapist
Airline employee
Hotel employee
General Contractor
Retail but only at a really good store (can you say 'employee discount')
Lawyer (you never know when you'll need one)

Any suggestions?

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