Friday, December 03, 2004

Random Thoughts

Interesting: here at work, we have e-mail filters to flag any e-mail that include dirty, nasty words and push those e-mails into spam folders. Our filters flag the word 'shitake.'

Dear Ms. Manners, I've got 23 people coming over for dinner tomorrow. If I have 4 different styles of plates and 3 different sets of utensils, random mismatched glasses and three different tablecloths, folding chairs for half my guests and one on a rolling office chair, does it matter if my centerpieces match?

The story of St. Nic has been around for hundreds of years, but I'm sorry, where I come from, that's considered breaking and entering.

Christian Conservatives. Aren't these concepts diametrically opposed to each other? Conservatives are against being taxed for social programs to help those less fortunate than themselves. Christians are supposed to put others ahead of themselves.

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