Thursday, December 16, 2004

When Annoying Things Happen

I find it amazing that when a small inconvenience or crappy thing happens, it can turn your mood upside down, and the bad feeling can last hours upon hours. Whether it's chemical, hormonal, mental, emotion is a powerful human experience. I wish I were able to turn it around, meditate it away, explain it away to myself, or suppress it sometimes. But no, 5 hours after the smallest of arguments, I still stew, brew, and grumble. I still have that little sinking feeling in my gut. And it was nothing. Nothing really. But my mind just goes over the scenario 100 ways and won't let go of it. Does it mean I'm a freak? Or is that typical?

The first hour of every day is the most important. How it goes, so goes my day. And today is a fender bender kind of a day.

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