Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Happy Place

My favorite stress-reducing trick is quite simple and easy to grasp. Always have something planned for the near future. It doesn't have to be something extravagant. The simplest thing can suffice. Vacation is the greatest example, but small things can work, too. Invite friends over to hang out, book a massage, get a tee time, plan on going to the gym. Until that thing comes to be, next weekend or tonight or two weeks from now, every time you face something stressful, take one minute to take a deep breath and say to yourself, "OK, I have to deal with this right now, but no matter what happens, (e.g.) next Friday night I will be on the beach... getting a massage... having dinner with the gang..." It really works.

Now for me, there is one place that I love going to. It's close enough that I can go any time I want; close enough that it isn't a huge trek; but far enough that getting in the car and going there is definitely a get-away. The Borgata. The fanciest, most extravagant casino in Atlantic City. My friends and I call it 'Our Happy Place.' Well, honestly, we stole it from The B themselves, since that is their tagline, 'Come to Your Happy Place.' Lounging by the pool, scheduling a massage, opening a bottle of wine in our room, having the buffet, gambling, we love it. And no matter what happens for the rest of the week, on Sunday afternoon, I'll be at The Borgata.

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