Sunday, December 12, 2004


My sister sent me one of those stupid e-mail questionnaires that you are supposed to send back and answer the questions. Typical things like, 'what's your favorite color;' 'what's your favorite ice cream;' 'what's your favorite wild animal?' But one question stood out to me: 'who or what inspires me?' Wow. From 'what color is your bathroom' to 'what inspires you.' Am I expected to answer with one name or one short concept? Well, I quickly input an answer (creativity and uniqueness) to get through the silly thing, but the question is still spinning and twisting in my head.

What inspires me? My quick answer was 'creativity and uniqueness.' It sounds a bit ridiculous. I find my inspiration from other people's creativity? Well, yes. That's very possible. Creativity can definitely be a collective process. Ah, but then does that counter-act the notion of uniqueness? I want to say no. If you can take a thought or idea and reform it and take it somewhere it's never been before, you have created and invented

But what else inspires me? When I do get inspired to write or to think or to create, what was the catalyst? What gets me going? Well, since I never get anything done, and I never get anything created despite how much circulates and swirls and gnaws at me inside my mind, sadly, in reality, the true answer is... nothing inspires me. I'm still waiting to find out what it is.

But for the time being, for what it is worth, I get small bursts and bouts of inspiration every now and then. This journal was started to help me with that. And for the most part, I would have to say, I get inspired by hunter green, heavenly hash, and giraffes.

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