Wednesday, May 04, 2005


My dear friend Lisa -- oh all right, while I've never met her in person, I already love her, and besides you should see all her ratworks (artworks, ratworks, same thing) in my foyer, any way -- as I was saying, my good friend Lisa has a wonderful website ( Love her as I have loved her. One of the stories she relates on there is that Harlan Ellison once called her a 'monomaniac.' Well, of course I had to look it up. I had an idea what it meant, and I was basically correct, but I found it an intriguing word. Monomania is an 'obsessive interest in a single thing.' You know, I don't think that's a necessarily bad thing. Monomaniacs are the world's greatest thinkers, inventors, innovators, and yes, bloggers.

And that is exactly why this blog sucks, and you probably don't find anything particularly interesting in it. It's been my problem my entire life. I'm not obsessed with any one specific thing. I know a very little bit about a lot of different things. I get interested in something, I do it for a little while, then I lose interest and go on to something else. In high school it was bowling. In college the student theater. In my 20s it was volleyball. Still is to a point, but the mania has slacked a bit. I go in and out of obsessing over going to the gym -- some months I will go 4 times a week -- then weeks will go by that I don't go at all. Now the real test is: when can I focus a monomania on writing??? That's when I'll accomplish something.

Ah well, monomaniac or jack-of-all-trades. Just make sure you're one or the other. It's the person with no interests or obsessions that's really got a problem. That's it! I think I will call myself a serial monomaniac.

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