Wednesday, May 11, 2005

fagblog's first... EVENT!

OK, there's probably none of you actually out there who are constant readers enough to care, but if by chance any of you exist... and are in the New York City area... fagblog is officially lending support to... my ex! Yes, I too can not believe I broke my own golden rule: 'never let your ex-lovers continue living.' Well, for some reason I let this one survive, and now... it's come back to bite me... he's made a movie! He promised me at one point while he was writing it that if for any chance he talks about his past loves (i.e., ME) that he would be kind, but I have to see for myself.

So here's the scoop. Go see Pedro's... yes, I'm letting you in on a big secret: his real name is Pedro, not James... go see Pedro's movie! He's a sweetie. OK, so maybe he's not a 19 year old college student any more, but hey, neither are you.

"29th and Gay" will be featured at NewFest, the New York City Gay & Lesbian Film Fest. Monday night, June 6, 8:15pm, at the Loew's 34th Street cinema. If you exist, you should be there! If you do go, here's what I want you to do. So I can know that you exist and that fagblog readers will do anything I tell them to do (hhhmm... *evil grin*), when the lights are dimmed, just before the movie starts, I want you to shout out, "Pedro!" With any luck there will be several of us, and Boetie (yeah, a very unfortunate nickname his father gave him as a child... imagine a fag with a nickname pronounced 'booty.') will be so thrilled... and embarrassed! Do it for me. Do it for the fag. Do it for Pedro. See you there. If you do come, and you see a bald, old, Moby-Agassi-lookin' fag in the audience, say hi... it's me... or... it's I... oh to hell with grammar... it's me. See you there.

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