Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Remember in your box of 64 Crayola that color 'burnt umber?' Who went around and set fire to all the umber? What, they didn't like the color of it, so they thought, gee, this would look much better on fire. I mean, seriously, remember that color? I think they were just making it up, cuz I don't really know what umber is, but I'd imagine burnt umber wouldn't really look that color. Whatever umber is, I bet burnt umber would look like anything else burnt... kinda ashen, kinda, well, black.

Did you ever realize... there's no adjective for 'ennui?' I think we really need one. Ennuish? ennuiish? Ennuiesque? What if you were feeling ennui but mildly annoyed, too? Would you be feeling ennoyed?

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