Friday, February 11, 2005

Poor Artie

Ah, poor old Arthur Miller is dead. My friends and I had the great privilege of meeting him once, if only quickly. He was gracious and witty and charming, even when surrounded by a bunch of silly college students who had just finished producing one of his plays, American Clock. He was often annoyed with the world at large when he would be interviewed, because notoriously they would ask him about his former wife, Marilyn Monroe, with more interest than his work. But he told us an amazing story about her that to this day is so memorable to me. He told us that Marilyn was orphaned as a young girl, and as an adult, she could walk into a room, look at people, say hello, and she would know instantly those that were orphaned as she was. So there, for one last time, Mr. M., in discussing you, we talk of Marilyn instead.

Brooklyn is full of tomatoes.

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