Friday, January 14, 2005

What's Wrong with Education?

I picked up a textbook for the first time in 17 years last night. Is it any wonder students are bored, lazy, uninspired? OH MY DOG! OK, so the one I'm reading is an introductory text to therapeutic massage. I read for an hour, and what topics did I get to?

What is touch? [Um, excuse me? Is this an issue?]
What are the personal interpretations of touch?
What kinds of touch are there? [Well, the author of this textbook is touched.]
The experience of touch [He touched me... He put his hand in my hand and...]
Touch as communication
Cultural and gender issues associated with touch
What is professional touch? What is therapeutic massage? [Or, how to deal with hairy backs]
Forms of appropriate touch
A history of massage [First, man developed hands.. kill me now...]
Massage in the ancient world [or, warming stones without a microwave]
Massage in the Middle Ages

All this to learn how to rub someone's neck!?! I'm glad I'm not studying linear algebra! Egads!

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