Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry New Year!

Ah, a week off! It feel so wonderful. I'm getting some productive things done, finishing up the reading of all the tiny-story submissions and putting them into order, getting them off to Lisa. I finally got to replacing the fluorescent tubes in my storage room, so now I can see the bottles of wine on the racks, and it's easier to pick and choose when the friends come over. I got the last of the leaves raked (I know it's late December, stop reminding me.). Heck, I even cleared out a clogged drain all by myself! [I rule!]

After 3-1/2 days off with 6 more ahead of me, I can honestly say, I'm so ready for retirement. I'll be so busy, it can't really be truly called retirement.

Oh, and just to add randomness to this pointless post, let me save each and every one of you 19 dollars. You can skip 'The Ringer' and 'Wolf Creek.' My friend's teenage son really wanted to see the Johnny Knoxville one, so we got dragged. Ugh. During most of 'Wolf Creek,' I was cheering for the madman, 'Please kill them already!'

Well, enough reading my needless ramblings. Go make something.

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