Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Have Yourself a Tiny Little....

Merry New Year, folks. Just to let you know. Lisa and I have officially closed the Tiny submission. Over the holidays, I hope to have a lot of extra time to sort through them all and get to some semblance of a final collection for Lisa to illustrate and for submission as a potential publishing project to an agent or direct to a small publisher. For everyone who submitted tinies, I hope to see a lot of you represented in our final collection, and DON'T stop creating. I only hope we inspired you to create, and I hope the inspiration continues.

And don't let the Tiny format die here. Keep writing them. Submit them to magazines. Post them to your own site. Remember us when you talk about them. I'm proud of the form, and I really hope it catches on. I think it's my first grasp at really starting something toward a trend. Everyone has a tiny in them!


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