Thursday, November 10, 2005

Reading Tiny Stories

Well, folks, I just wanted to put in a note here about our Tiny Stories project. That damn baby took my attention away. These kids today! It's all about them!

Anyway, after Lisa yelled at me, I've started sorting through and reading all the tiny stories you all have submitted. I'm loving them, really. Great work, folks! Since it's taking me a while to read and review, if you feel compelled to create any more, there is no reason why you shouldn't continue to send them in. This isn't an official contest with a prize or anything, so I don't mind that there was a deadline that came and went. We just want to show off some good fun stories of 100 unique words. So send while I read, I'll read while you send, it'll be fun... so you remember, here's the original posting describing what you should be writing. Remember it's for the hope of getting something put together that we can do as a fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund...

More creativity! More writing! More bashing your head against the keyboard!

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