Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It Might Be Time...

Three things this morning came together that I'm afraid might be telling me something.

I'm finishing up ANANSI BOYS, and the green fedora hat really struck me. I was standing on the train, and I saw my reflection in the window, and I realized, wow, you're 39 years old now. Do you think it's time you stopped trying to pull off 4 earrings? Then I looked over, and there was a man wearing a jaunty bowler. The world is saying it...

Maybe it's time to trade in my earrings and become a hat guy. You know, one of those old man hats that you have to buy from a men's hat shop. One you have to be fitted for. No more Kangol for me.

You know what? Nah... forget it! I'm fighting it. I will die an old man, and everyone will whisper, 'He always dressed so age-inappropriate.' Bury me in Hollister.

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Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Why choose? Personally, the fedora and the four earrings couldn't read more "fey-and-loving-it," To me. So what the hell? Keep the 'rings, and get the damn hat, and carry a cane, and wear spats while you're at it, and a monocle, and a purple effing short-cape, and address everyone as "Messirs".

But don't wear big, Elton John Sunglasses.

That would be silly. I would then be embarrassed for you.

Age is nothing. Image is everything. Image is nothing. Spirit is everything.