Thursday, June 16, 2005


Hey there, writing folk!

I'd like to hear from anyone hard at work on their writing exercises. We've heard from at least two people that think the no-repeat rule is maybe a little bit TOO challenging. Or it might end up causing us all to write a little too esoterically.

How are you all feeling about the challenge? Are you up to it? Do your writings end up sounding stilted, weird, awkward? Chime in on the 'comments' link, and let me know. Plenty of time to work on your story. This was never intended to be something you could churn out in 20 minutes. :)

What do you say, kids?


Brandon H. said...

A challenge -- isn't that the point, and isn't that part of the art? I think this is just the thing to spark writers (I know it's sparked me!), and so far what I've done has come along quite well (in my own mind, anyway). A good challenge sharpens the mind and generates quality craft.

marrije said...

I like the challenge, too. And it's definitely a challenge. At first I thought the no-repeat rule was silly, and it definitely stilted my writing. But now I like the fact that's it's forcing me to find solutions and explore different phrasings, while trying to find a style that still sounds (kind of) natural. Been working on one story for a few days now (not full-time, of course), and it's really coming along!
Thanks for your lovely idea and inspiration.

Ivorwen said...

The challenge is what gets the brain really ticking. I'm a frustrated writer, mostly because I can take things at my own pace, and because freeform writing leaves me with so many options I just procrastinate. Thanks to these projects, I'm writing more than I have in a long time, stories both submitted and not. Thanks much for the inspiration!

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

I like the no duplicate rule. It does give your brain a work out, but it also makes you rework a phrase into something something stranger and more eloquent.

In addition to the individual content and writing style of any one story it also gives something of an unusual unifying tone to the project.

Strange = good in my book :)