Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enough Discussion, Let's Write!

So I recently logged onto for really the very first time and surfed around.  I find it very interesting to see what the most popular movies are for fan fiction writers.  Star Wars is the clear winner here.  I surfed around a little, logged into the mature-theme pieces for one of my favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride.  Honestly I'm quite surprised this movie isn't higher up on the list!

I even clicked into the miscellaneous folder.  This is for fan fiction that isn't based on a movie, book, comic, etc.  I thought, wow, what am I going to find in a 'miscellaneous' folder on a fan fiction site!  Very interesting.
Then I decided, hey, this would be a great writing exercise! So take this writing prompt and run with it.  And let's me it mature-themed erotica.  Ready?  Since it's my favorite movie let's say...

Write and post a mature-themed piece of fan fiction based on The Princess Bride.  There are only three on!  Let's add more!  Shoot me an email if you post one, so I know.  I'll go check it out and comment on your piece both there and here!


Wendy Qualls said...

I only stumbled onto fanfic this summer, but I've found it makes for great writing exercises - especially scenes with a lot of heat. Instead of having to build up the romantic tension between main characters like you'd have to do in an original piece, you get to pick a spot in their existing relationship and go from there. I'd suggest taking a look at if you want to see a wider range of stuff - deletes anything too explicit (as defined by a completely arbitrary scale), so a lot of fanfic writers who do erotica have shifted over.

Cammie said...

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