Monday, April 17, 2006

Free Stuff

I think the Internet has officially overextended its usefulness. My babymomma told me about a website where you can give things away. So much for online selling, bartering, auctioning. Now you can just give away that crap that didn't sell at your last garage sale. I know you're all dying to know. It's called freecycling. The main website is where you can then find the freecycle group for your area. They usually take the form of a Yahoo Group. People post stuff they have that they don't need, and instead of throwing it out, you offer it to other people in your neighborhood. The more selfish option is to post the things you need. How ghetto is that. It's very popular with parents... giving away old clothes their children have outgrown, infant furniture, crib mattresses, etc. People even offer coupons that they aren't going to use.

But some people take it a little bit too far. The things people won't throw out. Broken appliances ["offer: broken radio. Maybe someone good with their hands can make this thing work."] , pieces of lumber, half-used packages of products. My friend recently reported that a woman in her town posted that she had an almost-full box of tampons, and she 'wasn't going to need them anymore.' They were snapped up quickly. Now who's scarier: the woman giving away the opened box of tampons or the woman who took them from a complete stranger? So much for accepting candy from a stranger! Join your local group. It's great entertainment, and you'll feel so much better about yourself. Because once you see the types of freaks there are out there in the world, you'll feel so much more sane and normal. In my area, someone just offered a bag of sand.

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