Friday, March 04, 2005

Office Mentality

We have so many meetings here that require the attendance of so many different people that in order to keep it all straight season after season, we have a meeting to schedule all the regular meetings that take place through the business cycle. It's called the Meeting Meeting. Now of course, you would think that this type of planning would cause less confusion, but we still have conference room booking problems, find out later certain people are unable to attend certain meetings, cancellations, postponements.

At a job I had many years ago for a large corporation that shall remain nameless, we had so many standard forms, there was a form you had to fill out to order standardized forms. One of the listings on the Form Form was a line item to order more Form Forms.

My only question is: what if I'm unable to attend the Meeting Meeting? What if I run out of Form Forms -- how do I get any more?

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